The Reset - Volume I September 24 2019, 1 Comment

Earlier this year, I started struggling with the idea of maintaining balance in my life while juggling everything that I do--husband, father, firefighter and business owner.  I felt I could be better.  I still feel the same way, but I've taken steps to improve.  I also know that I'm not unique or alone in this struggle.  There are very few firefighters I know that don't have second jobs, and don't have spouses and kids that depend on their stability. It also seems to me that the ones who get it right don't ignore the need for balance. They know what makes them feel better and they make time for the reset.

Since I started Hook & Irons I've made friends all over the country.  I would describe them as like-minded people who love the fire service and realize what a special calling we all share.   Brian Bastinelli is one of those guys.

Brian is a Battalion Chief with the Harrisburg Bureau of Fire and one of the founders of Firemanship Days which has become one of the premiere training events in the country.  He is also the editor of 'Firemanship,' a quarterly training journal that is informative, underground and one of the coolest e-zines out there.  Anyone who knows him, knows that he is a life-long student of the fire service.  

Every year after Firemanship Days, Brian takes off for a month. He brings his camera, heads west, and he lives in his pickup.  He comes back with stunning photographs of America, stories of new friends and experiences.  Then he settles back into 'the job' of firefighting and repeats the whole process all over again.

This year, I asked Brian if he would be willing to document and share his journey and let us see his 'reset' as he travels from Harrisburg PA out to Colorado Springs for the National Fallen Firefighter Memorial Services, then North into the wilderness.  Finally, he's finishing off his trip at the Overland Expo (a mecca for Jeep and Pickup truck owners who go off road).  He agreed and what will follow over the next few weeks will be a very loose, journal style vlog and blog that will be posted on our Facebook and Instagram.  Along the way there will be rambling conversations about America, the fire service, traveling, camping and the necessity of the 'reset.' You can keep up with all the posts by following us on either Facebook or Instagram.  We hope you enjoy the ride.