Hook and Irons

Ben Franklin Was Here September 08 2012, 0 Comments

When creating the Signature Line, we decided to begin at the beginning of the American fire service.  We wanted to create a shirt that honored Benjamin Franklin; the man whose ideas and articles envisioned and called for what would become the fire service that we know today.  On December 7th, 1736, he and four friends founded the Union Fire Company.  This was the first fire department that was started independently to serve anyone who needed fire protection.  Prior to the Union Fire Co. fire brigades were run by large insurance companies to protect their own clients.


The Union Fire Co., which survives today as Engine 8 of the Philadelphia Fire Department is one of the oldest organized fire brigades in the United States.  When the Union was formed it saw its ranks quickly filled to the agreed-upon maximum of 30 members.  After that, latecomers were urged to start their own fire brigades thereby increasing the fire protection and coverage throughout the city.  Within a short amount of time many new brigades sprung up with names like Heart-in-Hand, the Britannia, and the Fellowship.  To belong to one of these companies was a mark of honor and sign of devotion to your fellow man and community.  George Washington, for example, was a member of his local volunteer fire company in Alexandria, Virginia.


It was with this thought that we wanted to pay homage to Ben Franklin and his thought that, "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."  Without his activism, the fire service might look very different than it does today.


This is our first offering in our Signature Line.  We hope you like it.  We put a lot of thought and research into creating this limited edition shirt.  Our goal was to make something we think Ben Franklin himself would've worn.  Put some meaning into what you wear and come celebrate our history.  

This shirt was farmed, milled, manufactured and printed in the USA.