Celebrate Your History - H&I Co. and the NYC Fire Museum July 25 2016, 2 Comments

In 2012 I was battling some frustrations with my own department regarding training and training programs.  Having hit dead end after dead end, I started looking for a place to focus my energy and my ideas.  The idea for Hook & Irons came shortly after that.  I wanted to start a brand that 'celebrated the fire service' without advertising it.  I didn't want to create a brand that mimicked or copied what was already being done and I didn't want to make designs that screamed 'I'm a firefighter!  Look at me!'  I wanted to share stories and images from our collective pasts that make me proud of my profession and make me proud of my craft.  I wanted to shine a spotlight on some of the firefighters I admire--past and present and I wanted to know if there was anyone else out there who felt the same way I did.  

Almost four years later, I've made friends all over the globe who share the same passion and love for our work.  I've met people who find our history as interesting as I do and I've made friends with folks who have hearts as big as houses and bleed for the fire service in ways I could never imagine--friends who have let me stay in their homes, helped me pack and unpack gear and allowed me to attend free training.  I've made friends with people who share ideas with me and get more happy over Hook & Irons success than even I do.  And I've made friends with guys that have reposted my blogs all over the country.

The best though, has been the collaborations.  These joint efforts; whether its Art of Firemanship, vententersearch.com, or Leatherhead Concepts have always pushed forward the concept of 'Legacy Built' construction--building a brand the old way.  The slow way.  

These collaborations that celebrate our history and our craft are carefully chosen and now with the NYC Fire Museum we can explore even more stories from our past from FDNY, the most storied and most recognized fire department in the world.

Over the next few months we will be releasing new designs inspired by the NYC Fire Museum archive.  Stay tuned and thank you for supporting H&I Co.