5 Year Anniversary - H&I Evolution September 17 2017, 0 Comments

5 years ago Hook & Irons was born on the back porch of our firehouse.  I had been frustrated with my own department and felt I didn't have a productive outlet for my own motivation.  I wanted to create something that didn't exist yet--something that would help fill the void.

It was a simple idea--to celebrate the history and brotherhood of the American Fire Service. I wanted to tell stories with simple hand drawn graphics and I wanted to write blog posts that highlight our rich history and traditions.  The execution of the idea was not as simple.  First and foremost, I had never started a business before and to make things more difficult, I wanted to make shirts that didn't advertise that you're a firefighter.  Meaning, there weren't going to be maltese crosses and flaming dragons.  Creating designs with depth and meaning that you want to wear--well this is easier said than done.


One of our very first designs


We focused on stories.  We focused on history, and somewhere along the way people who love the fire service as much as we do jumped on board.  We've travelled the country and collaborated with countless people and organizations including the NYC Fire Museum.

By the beginning of 2017 I felt satisfied with the direction of the company but I struggled with what we could do next.  I wasn't sure how the company was going to evolve.  The answer took me a while but it was in front of me all along.  Keep telling stories.  Keep sharing history.  

And so, on our 5th year anniversary, I'm proud to introduce the first episode of 'Hook & Irons Presents.'  These are stories of American Firefighters who inspire me and who exemplify the best of who we are.  I for one, have never been more proud of the brand Hook & Irons than I am today.

I hope you enjoy--and if you do, I promise to make more.