#jobtown - Baltimore City's 8x10 March 23 2017, 1 Comment

Hook & Irons is always looking and digging for historical aspects that portray the best of the American Fire Service.  For awhile now I have been following @bcfd8x10 on Instagram.  I was blown away by not only the number of fires they were responding to on a daily basis, but the manner in which they operate.  I was impressed by their aggressiveness and their consistent application of sound tactics.  I also love the bits of history they drop into their feed.   After a little reading about their history, I decided I wanted to try and collaborate on a piece with their members.   I reached out to their house and they allowed us to create a design that represents the hard-nosed, gritty firefighting they are famous for.

Jobtown (Baltimore City) is one of the most active areas in the country for fire and the members of Engine 8 and Truck 10 have been working together for over a century

Engine 8 was organized on March 8, 1871 and Truck 10 (formerly Hook & Ladder 10) was organized on March 1, 1895.  On December 5, 1912 Engine 8 moved in with Ladder 10 after the horse hospital was removed and the department moved to full mechanization.  The two units have worked together since then in the same location on the south side of Lafayette Ave. between Stricker and Gilmore St.  The only change being a new station built in 1967, which is the same house they operate out of today with BC3 and Medic 15.

During the 70's, 80's, and 90's BCFD 8x10 was consistently one of the busiest houses in the city.  Below are their current apparatus.

Truck 10 - The Wicked Stick of West - Pierce 100' TDA

Engine 8 - Pierce Enforcer

Engine 8 and Truck 10 each run approximately 3,000 calls a year. 
8/10 respond to approximately 400 box alarms each year.  Out of the 400 box alarms, they average over 100 working fires a year.  That's a fire nearly every third day.  You can catch a glimpse of the #jobtown crews by following them on Instagram @bcfd8x10 .
Some of their former apparatus through the years: 

1916 Christie Tractor w 85' Hayes Aerial

1888 Hayes Horse Drawn

1957 Peter Pirsch 100'TDA

1974 Seagrave 100'TDA

1939 Seagrave

1954 Peter Pirsch

1973 Ward LaFrance

1990 Sutphen

Members of Truck 10 operating at a recent fire

Highlight reel of 2016

The word #jobtown doesn't just represent all the 'jobs' the 8x10 works, but the blue-collar attitude they take with them as well as the history and the tradition they represent. Support their history.  Support their tradition.  Wear with pride.