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The Video to Show at the Station When the Guys Complain  This is a video highlighting the struggles of the Highland Park Fire Department, which is located in the heart of Detroit.  When you're guys complain about the station, or  the rig, or running too many calls, show them this and realize that your situation is not as bad as some and is often better than most.


 In case running Into Burning Buildings is not enough excitement for you.  Here is a clip of a girl who thinks it's cool to swim with great white sharks.  Great video, just a little thrown off by the mousy voice and the gutsy action.  Either way, worth a watch.


Variables with Kimi Werner from Justin Turkowski on Vimeo.

Civilian Save

Talking about gutsy, this is a pucker factor of 10 in my book.

 Tesla Takes A Cue From the Politicians and blames firefighters for a recent auto fire which occurred after an MVC and originated in the battery compartment.  Sometimes I get a little tired of being everyone's whipping post.  Either way, electric cars are here, you better start preparing for them.  Here's the article:

Stonework on Rochester Fire Dept. Headquarters.....Just cool.

That's all for now.  Keep it safe, keep your eyes open, and try to have a little fun in the process.