The Mind Of A Fireman - Open Edition Print


Earier I sat down with Tom Lane (the creator of our logo) and asked him if he would be willing to create an illustration of an American Fireman with all of his qualities listed within. After weeks of sketches and lettering and fitting words together like puzzle pieces, this is the final result.

The qualities listed within 'The Mind Of A Fireman':

  • Unit Pride
  • Bar-B-Que Specialist
  • Head for heights
  • Brotherhood
  • True Grit
  • Desire to break things
  • Practical Joker
  • A gauge of courage and fear with the needle ticking right in at courage
  • Caffeine Dependency
  • Extreme Heat Tolerance
  • Self Sacrifice 
  • Stubbornness 
The illustration is printed on 100lb. stock and measures 16" x 20".  The 2016 series is limited to 120 prints only.

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