The Brownstone - Limited Edition Print


For the last 6 years, Hook & Irons has released limited edition prints that have quietly become collector's items and displayed in firehouses across the country.  This year we reached out to Jake Rathkamp, an up and coming poster artist who is already very well respected in the collector community.  His method is slow and methodical.  He creates and hand prints all of his work and the effect is transformative as the viewer moves closer to the print.   

For this edition Jake sketched out no less than 6 drafts of the scene.  With each version, we discussed, eliminated and added bits.  We worked on playing with light and shadows and Jake really tried to capture the architectural elements and give a feeling of grandiosity to the buildings size.  We wanted to capture that feeling when you're first due at a fire, look up and see the challenge ahead of you.

For Hook & Irons, Jake painstakingly created a piece of art that just keeps giving.  As you approach the piece, the line work comes into focus and the layers of the hand printed piece add dimension.  We recommend hanging it in a well lit room that will capture all the subtleties of all the layers.

Each print is numbered and signed by Jake.  We are humbled that he took the time to create a print for the fire service.

  • Original, one of a kind H&I artwork.
  • Limited to 300 prints.  
  • Each print is signed by Jake Rathkamp and is hand numbered
  • Hand printed in the USA by the artist himself.  Every aspect of this print was created and screened by Jake.
  • Size:  18"x 24"  This is a standard size print and will make finding a frame much easier.

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