For the Fight. Not the Glory - 1st Edition


For the fight, not the glory is a print that represents the chance to act and make a difference.  The print was created using a stippling effect, which is a style where the artist uses thousands of dots to create an image.  When you look at the print from a distance, the dots are not visible.  As you move closer the dots come into view. The effect changes the quality and depth of the print as you change positions.

This is our second limited edition print by Chris of Half-Hazard Press.  This run of prints is a one time only production limited to 250 prints.  

  • 250 print run
  • Each print is signed and numbered by the artist
  • Created and printed by hand in the USA
  • Size:  18"x 24"  This is a standard size print and will make finding a frame much cheaper and easier.

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