The idea for Hook & Irons was born late at night on the back porch of my firehouse. Drinking coffee and waiting for our next run, we were discussing the fire service; its traditions and the history of the job we both love so much.  I found myself saying, "wouldn't it be cool if. . .," or, "wouldn't it be great if someone did this. . ."  We also talked about what bothered us about the fire service.  At some point during that conversation, the seed for Hook & Irons was planted with the idea that I would do my part to celebrate the traditions and the history of the fire service. I decided that I would make items that reflect all of the beauty and history of our job--items that I would be proud to wear and own.

Since our inception in 2012, Hook and Irons Company has been featured in numerous design blogs, including Design.Work.Life, Behance, and Designspiration. H&I has been featured in Digital Arts Magazine, Dribbble and Pinterest. I've made new friends and more importantly, I've been able to shine a spotlight on a few of the artists and artistry that makes the fire service so wonderful. 

This is the rebirth of fire apparel.