The Damn Few - Short Sleeve Red

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Here's tae us
Wha's like us
Damn few,
And they're a' deid.

Originally a Scottish toast, the term 'The Damn Few' was adopted in recent years by the Navy Seals as an homage to the few, the damn few, who do the job with all their heart and soul.  In the fire service, the same toast holds true--the students of the craft, the guardians of tradition are 'The Damn Few,' and this shirt is for you.

  • 50/50 blend heather navy
  • Waterbase ink
  • Lightning hook on left sleeve
  • Design inspired by my good friend Capt. Mike Yettr.  You can read the accompanying blog here.

If you'd like to read the accompanying blog for this shirt, you can click here.

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