Keep Searching - Limited Edition Print Series 2 of 2



Hook & Irons theme for 2022 has been ‘Keep Searching, When No One Else Will.’  The idea has been to push when everyone else would stop, to look and find the searchable space when others would write off the building.  In that spirit, I sat with Jake one last time to create a new print.  We wanted to create a new perspective.  We wanted to go inside the structure and try to capture that decisive moment when the firefighter dives into the black, when he goes past where others would stop to fight for life.  

The overhead perspective creates depth and the arm of the firefighter carrying the Irons creates tension and motion.  The detail, as with all of Jake’s prints, is something to behold and something that changes as you move closer to the artwork.  After three prints, and hours of discussing firefighting I’m ready to get Jake on the job.  He has immersed himself into our life and I believe the art has benefitted from the effort.  We hope you enjoy our last print of 2022.

Each print is numbered and signed by Jake.  We are humbled that he took the time to create a print for the fire service.

  • Original, one of a kind H&I artwork.
  • Limited to 300 prints.  
  • Each print is signed by Jake Rathkamp and is hand numbered
  • Hand printed in the USA by the artist himself.  Every aspect of this print was created and screened by Jake.
  • Size:  18"x 24"  This is a standard size print and will make finding a frame much easier.

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