The Hook - Tools Of The Trade

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The Hook with its simple purpose has many variations.  Different designs around the country have been formed by local need, building construction, and application of use.  The Hook is not just a tool for overhaul.  Among other things, it is a pry tool, a necessary tool for vertical ventilation and a specialized tool used to get behind walls and ceilings off all types.  It is, even today, necessary for every job that is worked around the country.  This humble piece of equipment has played an intregal part in saving lives and property for hundreds of years.

The design was meticulously created by Adam Weaver out of New Jersey with the idea that we would lay out the most popular hooks from across the country and pay homage to this humble workhorse.

The Hook is printed with waterbase ink on a 50/50 gray shirt. 

Listed on the design:

  • Boston Rake
  • San Francisco Hook
  • New York Roof Hook
  • LA Rake 
  • Chicago Hook
  • New Yorker Hook
  • Pike Pole
  • Providence Hook

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