Keep Going - Limited Edition Print


For the last 5 years, Hook & Irons has released a limited edition prints that have quietly become collector's items and displayed in firehouses across the country.  This year we reached out to Scrojo, one of the most iconic concert poster artists of the last two decades.  Scrojo has created over 2000 concert posters for artists that include Eric Clapton, Bob Dylan, The Foo Fighters and many other bands across multiple genres.  He was heavily featured in the book Art of Modern Rock and is recognized as one of the great rock artists of our time.

For Hook & Irons, Scrojo created a timeless print of a firefighter holding a Boston rake with the words, 'When You're Going Through Hell, Keep Going.' Each print is numbered and signed by Scrojo.  We are humbled that he took the time to create a print for the fire service.

  • Original, one of a kind H&I artwork.
  • Limited to 300 prints.  
  • Each print is signed by Scrojo and hand numbered
  • Hand printed in the USA by the good folks at Seizure Palace Press (they handle the printing for some of the most collectable concert prints on the market).
  • Size:  18"x 24"  This is a standard size print and will make finding a frame much easier.

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