The idea for Hook & Irons was born late at night on the back porch of a firehouse.  George and I were drinking coffee and waiting for our next run.  We were discussing the fire service; its traditions and the history of the job we both love so much.  We both found ourselves saying, "wouldn't it be cool if. . .," or, "wouldn't it be great if someone did this. . ."  We also talked about what bothered us about the fire service.  At some point during that conversation, the seed for Hook & Irons was planted with the idea that we would do our part to celebrate the traditions and the history of the fire service by highlighting the craftsmanship and the ingenuity of all firefighters since Benjamin Franklin. We decided that we would make items that reflected all of the beauty and history of our job--items that we would be proud to wear and own.

Since our inception, Hook and Irons Company has been featured in numerous design blogs including; Design.Work.Life, Behance, and Designspiration. Our company can also been seen in Digital Arts Magazine, Dribbble and Pinterest. We've made new friends and we've been able to shine a spotlight on a few of the artists and artistry that makes the fire service so wonderful.  Like the Engine, Rescue and Truck Companies we belong to and ride every day, we want you to be a part of Hook & Irons Company.  Join the crew and come celebrate the greatest job on Earth.   

This is the rebirth of fire apparel. Standby to standby. . .



Brian Dominessy   President     

George May            Vice President